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David McMenomey, fitness and family coach,  invites you to an Exclusive Community Of Likeminded Dads, who work hard each and every day to stay strong for their kids.
You Don't Need A Gym...You Don't Need A Personal Trainer...All You Need Is You, and This Band.
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From The Desk Of David McMenomey
Boise, ID
I wanted to create a way for dads who care about being active and strong to keep in community with each other.  

This band and the phone app that comes with it, motivates me to workout on the days I am not "feeling it". I don't want to fall behind!

If you are competitive in any way...this is for you.
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"Just Get Stronger. It is not about physical strength. Everything I do is for my boys. They changed my life. I am thankful for the positivity and help from mentors and fathers in my life. 
We need to keep together as dads. This band helps.  "
Mario Semora
"The competition is really fun. Seeing what others are doing each week, pushes me to keep moving, and stay active. I love how the MyZone band works with Crossfit gyms too."
Jake Smith
what if Dads Could challenge each other to be better?
Meet David,
Founder, CEO
  • Father of 2, Married 11 Years
  • Serial Entrepreneur 
  • Passionate About Encouraging Dads
  • Launched Dadstrong in 2018
  • Collegiate Level Wrestler
  • Avid mountain biker and all around athlete,
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The Perfect Blend of
Workout Technology
Exercise is an important component of any man's life who wants to stay strong for his family, but this band takes it to a whole new level...
During exercise, you can challenge yourself (or others) to work harder and stay active. Based on your heart rate zone, the band tracks your effort and produces an MEP (my effort point).
These points are a measure of how hard and long you have worked out, making it a fun tool to challenge others with!
Why Dadstrong Bands?
 Benefits & Results
Join Monthly Challenges With Dads Around The Country or Just Challenge Yourself During Your Workout. When You Can See The Heart Rate Zone You Are In, While You Are Working Out, You Will Find Yourself Pushing Harder Than Ever Before. Getting Results You Won't Believe.
  •  Enhanced Body Metrics
  • Elevated Fitness Tech
  •  Bluetooth Technology, Works Without Your Phone 
  •  Get Detailed Reports After Every Workout
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